The Merkur 34G “Heavy Duty” is probably the most popular double edge safety razor model currently in production. Simple, robust and providing a comfortable shave, this DE razor is slightly more aggressive than the Edwin Jagger/Muhle shave head, still entirely suitable for beginners. The handle is easy to grip thanks to the knurling, but it’s short length encourages good technique. The gold plating is a beautiful finishing touch, ideal for anyone who likes a bit of bling in their bathroom.

Merkur are based in Solingen, Germany’s City of Blades. The name of Solingen is protected under German law, with only the highest quality items allowed to bear the name. Merkur are one of the top manufacturers of safety razors with a range of models from the simple and venerable 34 to travel models and 3 adjustable razors.

Made in Solingen, Germany

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