GROOM Beard Oil Tobacco

Les Industries Groom


Groom's beard oil is the universal care for all beard types. It is a carefully balanced blend of light oils that quickly penetrate hair and skin, providing nourishment, moisturizing and relief from itching and dryness.

Count a few drops in the palm of your hand (start with 5 drops for a test dose, then adjust to your needs), rub both palms together and apply to beard. Ma/ke sure to apply evenly on beard, and massage skin underneath.

Recommended for all beard types. For larger beards, check out Groom's beard balm and beard wash to enjoy the full treatment.

While the base blend of vegetable oil is identical to our excellent original formula, over a dozen of essentials oils combine for the scent. Sandalwood, spikenard and tobacco blend for a subtly spiced, exotic and highly evocative experience.

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